Adam Bowers

Coach | Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
Olympic Lifting, & Mobility

A veteran coach, Adam Bowers brings over eight years of CrossFit coaching knowledge to his classes. With a background in baseball, wrestling, and semi-pro football, Adam has personally experienced the significant benefits of using CrossFit's programming to improve his athletic ability and overall fitness.

You'll find Adam at his best on Saturday mornings during our Olympic Lifting hour (or Oly Hour) with his precision coaching of form, technique, and follow-through. His Oly Hour class is a member favorite at CrossFit Wooster and a must-attend for those who are looking at improving their Olympic lifts.

Adam finds joy in coaching by connecting with people and helping them improve their fitness. Along with coaching, this Wayne County native has a passion for his faith and involvement in his church. He also enjoys the outdoors, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with his wife, Michal, and son Jossi.