Sarah Glaspell

Coach | Level 1 CrossFit

They say you never have to ask someone if they do CrossFit, because they’ll tell you about it first. And that’s exactly why I wanted to coach. I wanted to tell everyone about our gym. CrossFit to me is more than getting in shape and lifting heavy things (though those are 2 super awesome perks), CrossFit is my escape, my therapy, my social time. I joined CrossFit with the same hopes as everyone else, to lose some weight and get heathy, which I did, but I actually ended up gaining so much more. I found an amazing gym family and a huge support system. They’ve helped my family and I through some pretty difficult times such as losing my mom to cancer, and celebrating and supporting my husband and I as we welcomed our first child. How could I keep something amazing like that to myself? Of course I’m going to share it! I love being able to help people find their place in our gym family, help them get acquainted with the movements, and encourage them to learn and adopt healthy habits. Just remember, everyone can do CrossFit. EVERYONE. Everything can be scaled and modified for your ability level, past injuries, etc. We’re here to teach you and support you, you just have to take the first step.