• Level 1 CrossFit Trainer 

  • Strongman CrossFit Certification 

  • Olympic Lifting CrossFit Certification

  • CrossFit Mobility Certification

Adam has lived in Wayne County his whole life growing up in Orrville where he has been involved in athletics from as young as he can remember. He played as many sports as he could growing up with football, baseball, and wrestling being his favorites through school. After high school Adam participated in many pump and run’s along with playing a year of semi pro football. Adam heard about CrossFit through a friend at his old gym and checked out the website and found it interesting but never got around to trying a workout. It wasn’t till January of 2012 while on vacation that he watched the CrossFit games on ESPN and decided he was ready to give up the conventional lifting that had grown stagnate and boring and try this new program. Adam quickly became attached to the constantly varied functional movements that encompass the Crossfit WOD. Adam has done Crossfit ever since without looking back. In December of 2012 Adam decided to get his Level 1 certification because he saw the significant benefits that result from using CrossFit’s programming and wanted to share it with his community. Through coaching Adam finds joy in connecting with people and helping them improve their fitness. Along with coaching Adam has a passion for his faith and being involved in his church. He also enjoys the outdoors and riding motorcycles.  Say "Hi" to Adam at his Facebook page-


  • Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

  • Olympic Lifting CrossFit Certification

  • CrossFit Mobility Certification


In August 2012, Michal spent sixth months in Liberia, Africa. When she returned she felt weak, unhealthy, and for many months lacked the resources to good nutrition during her time in Africa. Not only did it compromise her health, it left her feeling weak in every aspect of life. Having the desire to regain her strength and overall health she had her first introduction to Crossfit. The first weeks of Crossfit were painful, awkward, and ached so deep Michal thought she would never make it through. Simply put-- she wanted to give up! But there was something within Michal that kept her going. It was like there was a light and sense of motivation after each and every workout that pushed Michal to keep trying because she needed to do this for herself. With discipline, Crossfit has given Michal confidence, strength, and has empowered her to face new challenges even outside of the gym. Realizing what it’s done for her, she’s wanted to share that same empowerment with others and is now a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer. Michal recognized that Crossfit wasn’t just for the athlete, but for anyone ready to choose a healthy lifestyle. Michal is now in a place where she is mentally, physically, and spiritually strong and continues to grow because of the community within Crossfit.



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